About Joelle by Marc Joseph


Designer Marc Joseph was inspired by how the term "BFF," (Best Friends Forever) had become an integral part of our vernacular. He states "I was watching a talk show the other day and one of the guests, a popular name in the Hollywood circle, must have used it at least three times in a 10 minute segment. Then I thought 'Wow that is exactly how I would describe my wife's relationship with my daughter'. Having worked with world-renowned jewelry designers for 27 years, I learned to recognize an inspiration and how to best use it. I came up with this simple but effective design that describes the 'BFF' phenomenon. I think of two best friends sharing the same charms in the form of a pendant, bracelet or a key ring. The giver keeps the one with the letter B and the top half of the letter F and the recipient gets the bottom half of the letter F and the full F." Joelle "BFF" pendants and bracelets represent an attractive piece of jewelry that helps celebrate the special bond between best friends. These charms are gifts to be given and shared for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays or any special occasion.